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Pursuing Peace in 2017

I am on a quest for peace. I want to feel calm and serene in a world that does all it can to make me crazy. Like many people, I often feel pulled in a million different directions. Trying to make sure that my husband and children are happy, my students are learning, and doing enough for the friends and families in my community keeps my days long and my nights sleepless. I wake each morning full of good intentions to eat better, exercise more, keep my temper in check and complete my never ending to-do list only to fall into bed frustrated and exhausted.  Now that 2017 is around the corner I have started thinking about my annual resolutions. Usually I want to start a reading program, exercise challenge, photography class or savings plan. It lasts a good two weeks before life gets in the way of my good intentions. In the end I have decided to leave all the usual resolutions at the curb and instead pursue peace. I have decided to make peace…with myself.

Attention to the human body brings healing and regeneration. Through awareness of the body we remember who we really are. ~Jack Kornfield

Making peace with myself means that I will make every effort to eat better because I want to feed my body and mind nutritious food. 2016 brought with it some health issues that made me realize just how quickly your health can turn on a dime. Reducing sugar, eating more fruits and vegetables, limiting caffeine and making better protein choices is on my list of daily to-dos.  However,  I will forgive myself if I indulge in a delicious piece of chocolate cake because…after all…it IS chocolate cake! As I get older I appreciate and understand that a delicious meal, scrumptious dessert or a special gathering with great friends and family is more important than a smaller waist. My resolution will be to find a peaceful balance between the two. 

I love people. I love my family, my children … but inside myself is a place where I live all alone and that’s where you renew your springs that never dry up. ~ Pearl S. Buck

In 2017, I plan to attend church, volunteer in my community and try my best to follow in His footsteps. In the past, when life has dealt me it’s worst, I found serving others to be therapeutic. As bad as my situation was, someone else had a situation that was worse. This perspective helped me to work through some serious life challenges. With perspective comes understanding that sometimes bad things happen and no one can fix it. Believing that there is a greater purpose for my suffering and being grateful for all that I have keeps me grounded and sane. I resolve to do right by others but will also be mindful to make time to let my self be still so that I can pray, connect and recharge my own batteries. Exhaustion is not becoming. Being happy with where I am in my life, regardless of the ups and downs it took to get here,  is true peace. 

Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man person. ~ Benjamin Franklin

I am a lazy person when it comes to moving by nature. During the day I am constantly on the move, on my feet, up and down throughout the day keeping a watchful eye on my kindergarteners. At home, I have a backyard farm to tend to and a never ending to-do list of laundry, dishes, dusting, etc. Although I feel like I never sit still I actually hope to move more in 2017.  Whether it be walking, lifting the dusty weights in the corner or simply parking further away and then heading to the stairs instead of the elevator. The achier older I get, the more I realize if you don’t literally move it you will lose it. I absolutely hate exercise but I also hate feeling like I am 100 years old. So you may catch me hitting the local rail trails, maybe riding my bike, and if Mr. B has his way, I may even visit the weight lifting contraption in the basement. I will be at peace with myself however on the nights when I get home, exhausted from life and choose to snuggle under my favorite blanket and watch Netflix instead. My exercise resolution will be to make progress, not achieve perfection. 

For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I will try my hardest to be kind to everyone, even the unkind. It seems you can’t even buy a gallon of milk without someone flipping you off, being rude or hurting your feelings. We are just a bunch of hurting people occasionally bumping into each other like a human pinball machine. I don’t think most people intend to hurt others…it’s just what happens in the course of our day. A stressed-out co-worker snaps at you at the copy machine, the guy in the car behind you beeps impatiently because you were distracted momentarily, or your family demands more patience than you have stored can be draining.  I will forgive those who do me wrong. Not for them however, for me, for my peace. Holding on to hurt and anger only weighs me down so I will release their wrong doing to God,  pray for them and find the peace that comes with forgiveness. I may still use some colorful language and hand gestures while working through it however…

Wishing you PEACE in 2017 as you pursue whatever it is that brings you peace of mind, body and spirit. If you’re willing, please share with me what you resolve to do in 2017 in the comment section.


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  1. Jeannie says:

    So well said, thank you! I intend to start Yoga in 2017. To stretch my body and mind, find peace in my heart and soul.

    1. Good for you! I love yoga…just not “hot” yoga…

  2. Great advice for everyone. I have regularly kept my exercise routine every day and it truly helps body and spirit! Its my time to “think” without distractions or interruptions or just listen to music and be out in nature, which I love. We have hills around our house and walking them has helped me keep my weight under control. I agree with all of what you said Laura and enjoyed reading your blog. I don’t make resolutions myself, but I do need to work on being able to forgive others and move on. Happy New Year to you & Mr. B! ???

    1. I truly wish I liked exercise more. I enjoy being outside too. I love being out in the fresh air and checking out my local surroundings. As for forgiveness, its tough but necessary. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  3. Tracey says:

    Well said my friend. Pursuing peace myself. ✌️

  4. Great piece Laura! Super goal for 2017. I’ll borrow some thoughts of yours during the year 🙂 This year I especially resolve to be more compassionate because I realize that compassion is really what makes the world go round. Peace be with you!

    1. I love it! Compassion is lacking severely in our world for sure. Happy New Year Jane!

  5. Dennis Ashley says:

    As always, I enjoyed reading your latest entry. You’ve expressed what sounds to me like a very healthy balance of conflicting issues and values in life. I particularly appreciate your thoughts about forgiving others, not for what it does for them (which may be nothing at all) but for what it does for you.

    Happy New Year to you and to Mr. B.!

    1. Thanks for always reading Dennis! I appreciate your feedback. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year as well.

  6. Brenda Henry-Kirby says:

    Wow !!! Love this. I too am going to work on finding my inner peace. Through the years I have lost my way, choosing to hide at home where it is safe. This year I want to be brave, to find like minded people that actually would like to spend some time with me. I would love to start a craft therapy group where we can just share our lives and joy of creating.

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