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Happy Birthday Mr. B

I met this guy a while back. 28 years ago to be more specific. I picked him up in a bar. Ok…I lied. I met him in a bar. My best friend introduced us. He wasn’t even actually introducing us to become an us. My friend, a guy, had been going on and on and on about his new friend whom he wanted me to meet. I was away in college in Massachusetts so the next time I headed home for a visit we made plans to get together. I met up with my friend at a local bar that was, ahem, lenient about underage drinking. I had been there a while and was just getting ready to leave when this guy I was supposed to meet finally showed up. He was late (something I would later learn is a common event). I can still remember what he was wearing. It was a kelly green sweater that was tight in all the right places. I was VERY intrigued. I was VERY interested. I gave him my best flirty, “hello!”. And that’s when he asked SOMEONE else to dance.

Despite this awkward beginning, that guy in the tight green sweater eventually became my guy and we happily celebrated 25 years of marriage this past summer. He’s my person. My best friend. My love. He is the one and only, Mr. B. The reason I have chosen to write about my one and only is because he is celebrating his birthday today. In honor of his special day I thought I would tell you how I found him and let you in on the top ten reasons why I think he’s worth celebrating every day.

10. I call him my Renaissance Man. He does dishes, laundry, changed diapers when we were in that phase of life, will vacuum if necessary and attempts to make the bed properly (I have my quirks and how the bed is made is one of them!). He has never shied away from housework or other tasks people often associate with “women’s work”. He has purchased sanitary items in an emergency and even a few douches for our dog that got sprayed by a skunk once. Ok, he may have told me based on the looks he got in the store he may never do that again.

9. Mr. B does pretty much all the outside yard work. I like to garden. I don’t like to weed. I like wildlife. I don’t like snakes. I like to make things look pretty. I don’t like to do the heavy lifting. He does all the unpleasant things outside so I can enjoy the parts I like. He does it without complaint. He mows in the heat and snow blows in the cold. Even when he can’t be here, he is patient beyond words when trying to explain the whole rabbit and turtle nonsense to me so I can snow blow while he is away for work via phone while sitting on an airplane minutes before taking off.

8. I love to cook. He likes to eat what I cook. No matter how “out of his comfort” zone my recipe may be, he is always a willing participant. He is always kind with his feedback and even if he doesn’t love it, he eats it all. That, is true love folks.

7. He is one of the most generous people you will ever meet. I will admit that he drives me crazy sometimes with his generosity. I remember a trip to Arizona where we stopped at a rest stop and some locals were selling jewelry. As we browsed, the ladies starting telling us all about how selling this jewelry supports their children and their children’s children. Before we could walk away, Mr. B was buying multiple items. I’m pretty sure those ladies lived better than we did. He is a sucker for a sad story. When he is not supporting road side entrepreneurs he is buying dinner for everyone, volunteering his time and donating to many in need.

6. He works harder than you and me combined. Anyone who has met Mr. B knows that he is always working. If he is not actually AT work, he is working to complete something for a friend or family member. If he’s not helping someone we know he is helping someone in need (see above). I am not exaggerating when I say he gets at least one phone call every single day from someone in need of some sort of advice, tax question, help with a financial issue or other problem. This has earned him the knick name “The Fixer”. Recently he became a superintendent of a cemetery. I’m dead serious.

5.  He makes all my dreams come true. When I say things like, “I really want to go to China” instead of telling me I was crazy he hopped into the airplane seat next to me and off we went. He’s made it possible for me to see some of the sights I have always dreamed about like the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, The Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, The Berlin Wall, and many more. I wish we could quit our jobs and just go off exploring together. For now, I’ll wait patiently and dream with Mr. B

4. He’s the smartest person I know. He is like a human trivia game. He recently outsmarted Alexa, the robot thingy that sits on our kitchen counter. I don’t even bother looking crap up any more…I just ask him. He’s kind of like my Alexa except I can never beat him at Trivia Crack. However there was this one time…

3. He loves his family. He makes time to spend time with his parents regularly. It’s important to him that everyone spend time together whether its going to the movies or just watching a football game. His loyalty to his family is something I love so much about him. He has extended this love to my crazy family. THIS is not always easy but he does it unconditionally. He looks after my mother, helps my sister and offers advice to my brother. His loyalty knows no bounds and forgives all sins.

2. He loves our children with a force and passion that is so amazing to see in action. He would literally walk through fire for our girls. He loved to hear them giggle as babies. He understood and respected my decision to breastfeed even though I know he missed out being able to give them a bottle. He snuggled them when they were sick and always made time for fun when they were not. He coached them, pushing them to be the best players they would be. He looked out for them (no words on sweatpants across our daughters behinds). Today he bursts with pride at how well they have turned out. He is the first person they call with exciting news and the person who’s shoulder they cry on. He loves hearing about all their adventures and dreams. He is simply their Daddy.

1. He loves me. He loves the me that wakes up in the morning with my hair all over the place wearing mismatched pajamas and a grumpy demeanor. He loves me when I am difficult and demanding. He loves me when I am stressed out, freaking out or stomping out of a room. He loves me when I am unloveable. What more could a person ask for?

Happy Birthday my love. xoxo

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  1. Dennis Ashley says:

    This is one of my favorite entries in your blog! What a wonderful and thoughtful tribute to Mr. B.! It seems evident to me that you deserve each other–and I mean that in the genuinely sincere way, not the snarky sarcastic way!

    1. Thanks Dennis! We like snark and sarcasm so either way was fine!

  2. Carol Sadowski says:

    How wonderful . I am so happy I stopped to read this. Laura you did good. Mr. b you did even better. Finding love like what the 2of you have is rare . I am told that same line every day. Happy Birthday Mr. b

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read it Carol! I really appreciate it!

  3. Christine says:

    Great blog. Heartfelt. Happy Birthday, Mr.B!!??

    1. Thank you so much!

  4. MaryBeth Giammarco says:

    Lucky Mr B. And lucky Mrs B. Happiest of birthdays!

    1. I am a lucky girl for sure! Thank you for reading!

  5. Tracey says:

    You two are perfect together. Happy Birthday Mr. B. Wishing you many, many more!

  6. Erica Freitas says:

    This post made me cry!! It’s all so true and I’m so thankful for him and what’s he done in my life!

    1. He is pretty awesome and loves you very much. xoxo

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