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Turn of Events 

Well…we got to Montreal. And then we left. As we cleared the Canadian border we received word that my sister was rushed to the hospital. She’s quite ill but I don’t want to get into all the details just yet. Please keep us in prayer. 
As soon as we got word and made the decision to head back, Blondie and I got to work making the arrangements. The hotel was easy. We notified them that we would be staying one night and they canceled the remaining nights without penalty. I called Amtrak from the train and they reticketed us quickly and even refunded me $22. The only hiccup was the 3 and a half hour bus tour of Montreal we were scheduled to take on Wednesday with Grayline. It was after 5pm so I left a message at the local office and emailed both the local and corporate office with all the information. Local and Corporate pointed the finger at each other regarding a refund or credit for future tours. I sent a strong email to both fully explaining the situation, notifying them that they were the only vendor giving me a hard time and I am now waiting to see what the end result will be. I will most certainly let “the world” know either way. I can be your friend or worst enemy when it comes to customer service. 
The short time we were at the Spring Hill Suites by Marriott in Old Montreal was a positive one. The room was fabulous with lots of room to spread out and the usual ammenties. It had a nice layout and wall of windows. Sigh…There is a trendy French restaurant attached where we had dinner. The food was very good but the lighting lacked. I though it was just me who couldn’t see well when I ate a chicken bone by accident but when the guy at the table next to me dropped his fork three times and the waiter dropped a plate next to me that shattered into a million pieces, I knew I wasn’t the only one having trouble navigating my way through the dark. I enjoyed listening to all the diners speak in French and the Hipter atmosphere. 
After a few hours rest we were up, enjoying the complimentary breakfast before getting a cab back to the train station. Everyone we encountered was very nice and sympathetic to our situation. After about an hour we boarded the train and made out journey back. We arrived back in Poughkeepsie around 7:30. My son-in-law, Mattman, had just finished his shift saving lives (he’s an EMT) and picked us up at the station. I have another post I’m working on all about our train experience (20 hours in two days means there is a story to be told!) that I will try to post in the next day or two. 
For now we are off to the hospital. 

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